Jorn in Cuba

Jorn on Cuba
Jorn at work in 1968


In 1968 Asger Jorn attended an artists’ conference in Havana – as member of the French delegation.
After having attended long speaches during the conference he suggested that the painters contributed by decorating a building.
Celia Sanchez – the head of the conference, young, beautiful and mistress to Fidel Castro – put the former “Banco Hipotecario Mendoza” on the “Linea” between 10th. and 12th. at his disposal. Jorn worked day and night, but was joined by only one other artist, Saura  – and Celia Sanchez.

The gallery visited the building in 1997 and took these photos.
The photos of Jorn working are from his book Jorn-Cuba from 1970.
The names of the paintings have been suggested by Nydia Sarabia.

Since these photographs were taken, the photographs have been restored, a project supported by the Cuban National Commission in the UNESCO as well as  the Danish delegation to UNESCO.


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